Saturday, February 26, 2005

Radio, Radio

So you're surprised that I've returned to Short Schrift after a full month of silence. I'm surprised, too. And I bet we're both equally flabbergasted that with all that's happened this month -- starting a new article, wrapping up old papers, and moving across town to a new house -- that I'm posting two links instead. It's good stuff, from a surprisingly surprising source -- Chris Dahlen from indie-rock touchstone Pitchfork Media has dropped two nicely written, intellectually intriguing articles on radio this week: ranging from podcasting to productive battles between big and little public stations, and overall, addressing the possibility of reconnecting with audiences in a long-decaying medium. The two articles also showcase a nice trajectory: on the one hand, hip music fans who disdain radio altogether in favor of plugging iPods into car stereos, and on the other, hip music fans who use the same technology (plus podcasting) to rediscover radio anew.