Saturday, June 04, 2005

Post hiatus

Hey folks,

I'm sadly going to have to shut Short Schrift's doors for a few days or so -- not the longest hiatus in its history, surely, but sad as it comes on the heels of a good run of semi-frequent posts and a flurry of ideas I want to get down before they turn stale.

You see, on Wednesday night, I did a silly thing: namely, I managed to plunge one of my beautiful hand-forged Wusthof kitchen knives about an inch into my hand between my thumb and forefinger. Three stitches and some tissue damage later, it's kind of a pain to type. Or do anything, for that matter.

So, I'll be getting the stitches pulled next week and with luck, I'll have full dexterity not long after. Then I can go back to the from-the-hip style I like the best, rather than the painfully slow one-hand stylings I'm sporting now. I'll catch up with you then with more thoughts on cities, anonymity, EPIC 2015, and maybe even some ruminations on being (for a little while) a one-handed man.

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