Friday, March 31, 2006

High and Low

Over at Snarkmarket, there's a comment thread on the origin of the phrase "blood and treasure" that I spent way too much time on. You have to scroll all the way through to see it all.

And lest you think I spend the entire day with my head up the crevices of the 17th century, check out this unbelievably awesome commercial I saw this morning, watching Fargo on Bravo, of all things.

If you need further enticement, just know that the phrase "APPETITE FOR URINE" is featured prominently. Along with "SCIENTIFIC BLACKLIGHT."


Gavin said...

So what were you using as a source for all this 17th century digging? Google & Project Gutenburg, or are there other databases out there?

PoN said...

I read it. Oh my goodness...