Tuesday, April 18, 2006

From Beau Brummels to The Zombies

My brother Sean recently directed me to a terrific music blog called Past Tense Music. The blog itself is in Brazilian, but it covers a wide range of American and British music -- mostly late '60s garage-rock psychedelia, but today they just posted some 1977 material by The Jam.

There's fantastic stuff on here: The Kinks, The Who, The Zombies, Love, Os Mutantes, and The Sonics, along with more obscure Brazilian and American psych bands. ("Black Monk Time" by The Monks -- an "anti-Beatles" proto-punk group of tonsured American GIs stationed in Germany -- is a special treat.) If you ever fell in love with oldies radio, or the incomparable Nuggets anthology, it's well worth checking out.


PoN said...

What is this Nuggets anthology you speak of?

Tim said...

It's a 1971 comp of garage rock that got repackaged in the '90s by Rhino. Great stuff -- some one-hit wonders in there, and some obscure gems. Nuggets (along with maybe Dylan's Biograph) basically invented the idea of the box set.

My amended post now has a link to Rhino's Nuggets page.

PoN said...

Sweet, its on my wishlist now, thanks.