Friday, May 05, 2006


It's short, but this Reuters article ("Hollywood wonders, 'what would Jesus direct?'") is one of the better analyses I've seen of the trend towards Christian-friendly (and from Christian-friendly to Christian-targeting) movies from Hollywood. And it includes a coinage -- "godsploitation" -- that I am hoping and praying to Jesus will take root among the moviegoing and moviemaking culture.

Two highlights, both from Jonathan Bock, head of the marketing company Grace Hill Media:

On Sunday, 43 percent of America was in church... For studios to not recognize that [Christians are] an audience is like them saying, 'We're not marketing movies to men'...

There were these 'blaxploitation' films made for very small budgets, then (it went) through maybe you can make a buddy comedy, and (then you) get to the point where stories of African-Americans could be out there... There have been movies made that were low budget, lets call them 'Godsploitation films.' If they make money, they'll try more...

Hollywood, meet Christianity; Christianity, Hollywood. We know the two of you've had your differences in the past, but we hope the two of you will bond -- if nothing else, over your aspirations to universality and your lapses into shallow-minded cynicism.

Now, play nice -- or at least nicer than either of you did with science. Look at him, he's crying. Go apologize.

Update: Talk about shallow-minded cynicism -- go look at this douchebag. Right down to the soulpatch.

You know who else rocked the soulpatch? Satan himself. Since then it's been the mark of assholes everywhere. So we may know them by their ridiculous faces. And people think we should be afraid of Opus Dei or scientology. This is the guy who's going to fuck up our universe -- him and the teeming millions just like him.

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pointsofnote said...

Soul patch = 666.

Spot on Tim. Spot on.