Thursday, March 29, 2007

That's Right -- Star Wars!

The BBC reports that binary solar systems are a lot more common than we thought. And they totally lead with a picture of Luke Skywalker!

What's more astonishing still: while I'm always interested in new astronomical discoveries, I mouthed the words of my title above before I even saw the link. The RSS feed only says: "Many planets could have twin suns: Planets with twin suns may be common in the galaxy, according to data from the Spitzer Space Telescope."

It's like the BBC and I are like this. (crosses fingers)


Gavin said...

Hey, there's no link to the BBC story in your post!

Tim said...

Amended, above. I also include a copy of the still from Star Wars.

You can call it Episode IV, or "A New Hope," but the first movie will always be Star Wars to me.

DDK23 said...

Its so weird. The other day I was wondering if there could be a planet with 2 suns. It was one my "to google" list.