Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Shot At The Rest of Them

This is the best blog/late-night bar question I think I've ever seen: what band would you most enjoy having sex with? The assumption is, yes -- you would be required to have sex with the entire band. Assumption #2 is that one-man or one-woman bands don't count.

David Schmader at Slog points out the kinds of calculations you have to make: "for every Robert Plant there’s a John Bonham, for every Carrie Brownstein, a Janet Weiss." Excessively mean to both drummers, who have their charms, but, in general -- a worthwhile point.

My own initial answer is Destiny's Child -- or En Vogue, circa 1991. In general, one R&B girl group after another seems like a good choice. If you add assumption #3, that a "band" properly speaking must include someone who plays an instrument, then I would have to rethink my position.

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