Monday, April 14, 2008

Bring a Towel

I was introduced into blogosphere library-love by Rachel Leow's Bookporn section at A Historian's Craft. Back in September, I blogged about the "Librophiliac Love Letter" at Curious Expeditions. Now there's another entry in the lists, The Nonist's "Red-Hot and Filthy Library Smut." It seems to double several of the photographs at Curious Expeditions, although the two may just share the same source (Candida Hofer's Libraries, according to the Nonist).

Andrew Sullivan just linked to the Nonist, with this testimonial that splits the difference between "eww" and "aww":

When I think back of my fondest reading memories, several are in the Bodleian at Oxford and the Widener at Harvard. The hush of the reading rooms, the turn-on of a great book, the spasm of what you thought was an original thought, which lasts about as long as a male orgasm: it's better than porn.

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