Saturday, December 06, 2008

Slow Century

  1. I find it very hard to explain my strong attachment to the band Pavement. 
  2. I'm not sure that the Slow Century documentary explains it any better. 
  3. But it is available to stream now for free at Pitchfork TV.
  4. So if you feel at all like I do, or if you're wondering why anyone would, you should watch it.
  5. That is all.


Britta Gustafson said...

Pavement is good. That's all you need to say, really.

Tim said...

Yeah -- but

1) Pavement's goodness is kinda hard to explain and
2) The Slow Century DVD doesn't really show what's good about the band all that well and
3) I'm not totally sure what would, but I think more of the actual recordings and fewer badly mixed live sets would be part of it.

Britta Gustafson said...

OK yeah. I like several of the actual recordings - the nicer, easier ones - so I downloaded one of those massive torrents with everything they've ever published. I tried listening to it but I didn't like any of the live songs.

Tim said...

Yeah, see, Pavement actually isn't a very good live band. The singles and EPs are pretty good though; especially Watery, Domestic and the Westing (By Musket and Sextant) collection. And all the studio albums are really very good.

Adrián said...

One of the things i like the most from Pavement is that they really sucked as live performers. I'd like to think that they didn't need the atention from those who expect a major live act. Of course they were good, and that's because they were different.