Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh Blog, I Still Love You

I've been spending my unused blog-time posting over at Young Philly Politics, a sometimes-crazy political forum-cum-think tank of (you guessed it) young Philadelphia political bloggers. (Search for "Short Schrift," and you can see what I've written so far.)

Philadelphia's in the runup to a hotly contested mayoral primary, so sometimes the partisan rancor is thick, and sometimes things sink to name-calling and petty arguments, but the site is full of good people. None of whom (I think) I know personally.

I promise to come back strong to Short Schrift soon. There's one idea I've had cooking for a long time that puts New York Times Television to shame. It also involves a big media company, an unexpected move, and cash dollars to be made. But it's a little less obvious, and more specialized to what I do, so it will take a little more explanation.

And with the seed of that poem like a gift from the sun, I say (as the sun said to Mayakovsky and O'Hara), farewell.

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