Monday, February 25, 2008

Omar Little, A Requiem

I don't know whether anyone looked at my earlier spoiler, but yes -- The Wire's Omar Little, one of the most fascinating characters in television of history, dies in Episode 8 of Season 5.

David Simon has said earlier that The Wire is modeled on Greek tragedy: "Fated and doomed protagonists are confronted by a system that is indifferent to their heroism, to their individuality, to their morality. But instead of Olympian gods, Capitalism is the ultimate god. Capitalism is Zeus."

If Capitalism is Zeus, then Omar was certainly Achilles -- the superhuman-but-mortal agent of revenge, weeping over his lover's broken body. And Achilles, however immortal he seems, is doomed.

That said, if No-Heart Anthony -- Omar's equally legendary older brother, who we hear about in Season 1 and first see in a brief prequel that aired online before season 5 -- were to escape from prison to either avenge his brother's death or take up his mantle in the final episode, I would have no problem with that. After all, Achilles may die, but Troy still will fall.

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