Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Dearth of Real Action

Normally, I watch my son on the weekends, but with he and his mom out of town, I'd been looking forward to tuning into some testosterone-driven TV. No luck. I absolutely cannot believe that NBC Sports -- still part of a major network the last time I checked in -- is showing a poker tournament (and a grade B one at that) at noon on a Sunday in late May, when every major sport except football is in season (along with plenty of not-so-major sports).

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy poker, but the fun gap between playing poker and watching poker on TV has got to be 100 times that of baseball, which is already pretty significant. The racing of horses and cars, which is what the other networks are offering, poses the same problem. Isn't there a single baseball, hockey, or basketball game, tennis match, swim or track meet, or toughman/lumberjack competition today?

As it stands now, the poor TV offerings are making it effortless for me to clean the house and get work done, which upsets me to no end.

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