Monday, September 08, 2008

Text for an Obama Attack Ad

Barack Obama:

We've seen what happens when Republicans control government. If you think that the government can only be a problem, then you have no interest in making it part of the solution.

I think our politics are the problem; and that good government is the solution.

Over eight years, the Republicans have replaced government with politics, putting people with no skills but the right ideology in positions of authority.

Meanwhile, they constantly denigrate our civil servants, men and women who've sworn to uphold the constitution and work every day to make our lives better.

For the Republicans, government exists to protect the people at the top.

I think change comes from the bottom up.

That's why I want to restore our faith in service: in federal and local government, in our towns and neighborhoods and churches all across the country. That's why I want to recruit an army of new teachers, why I want to invest in our infrastructure, and reward young men and women who choose to serve something greater than themselves.

I know. Michelle and I have spent our entire lives in public service, in Chicago, Illinois, and Washington, working to make your lives better, to let them know that none of us have to stand alone so long as we stand up together.

Forty-eight years ago, we were faced with a terrible threat, one that threatened to destroy the planet itself. But the man we elected President, a man who'd served his country heroically in uniform, knew that we could not defeat our enemies with guns and bombs alone, that we had to devote ourselves to tackling our problems at home, in the hope, faith, and love of country that we would need to create a more perfect union. It's that faith, hope, and love that we need to renew.

John McCain and the Republicans don't believe in that. I do.

I'm Barack Obama, and this is our message.

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