Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Rose Is Obsolete

I replaced my first-gen MacBook Pro in August out of necessity. I colluded with a munchkin to break it, me by leaving it on the floor and him by throwing the alarm clock down on top of it, ruining the monitor. It's hooked up to my HDTV now, the most expensive (but also most capable) Apple TV ever made.

Since I was stuck, I had to spend $2G I didn't have to replace my existing lappy. I wasn't able to hold out for the new models that were by all accounts coming down the pike. But that wasn't so bad. I got a bump to Leopard, to a much bigger hard drive and faster Core 2 Duo processor, and dual-layer DVD burning. My accessories -- especially my protective leather case -- all still fit.

And when I finally heard what the deal was with the new models, I was unimpressed. I like the current MacBook Pro's keyboard. I like a physical button. A black bezel is fine, but who cares?

This, however, is incredibly cool:

Look at that gorgeous, gorgeous seamless edge.

each petal ends in
an edge, the double facet
cementing the grooved
columns of air--The edge
cuts without cutting
itself in metal or porcelain--

From the petal's edge a line starts
that being of steel
infinitely fine, infinitely
rigid penetrates
the Milky Way
without contact--lifting
from it--neither hanging
nor pushing--

The fragility of the flower
penetrates space
-- William Carlos Williams

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Gavin said...

WCW is always apropos.