Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Silverman is Magic

Man, I wish I still had cable. "The Sarah Silverman Program" debuts on Comedy Central tomorrow; the NYT has a write-up of the show in today's paper.

Among its many other attractions -- and I have a man-sized crush on Sarah Silverman that's impossible for me to lie about -- is its inclusion of "Mr Show with Bob and David" alumni Brian Posehn and Jay Johnston in the cast. Jay Johnston may have been the least funny person on that astonishingly funny show, but in the absence of a full list of the show's writers, the fact that both are on board is a good sign.

If only they could snap up the Brothers Odenkirk.

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DDK23 said...

Chad's sister knows Sarah. Her current boss was/is a producer for this new show.....I think.