Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Techno-lust Regained

Apple's new iPhone.

My goodness.

According to ZdNet: "The iPhone will be available in June for $499 with a 2-year contract (4GB model). The 8GB model will be $599. It will be sold through the Apple stores and Cingular stores."

And yet, somehow, I want it now.

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Brandon said...

Apple brings to my mind so many adoring adjectives that I could not begin to express here. How can they be so fun and so smart at the same time? Because being both fun and smart is why we love technology. A large part of my worldview is migrating to a state of fear where I know I will soon need to shed all of my possessions and relearn how to chop wood and hunt wildlife. There I will realize how idiotic I was to place so much adoration in something like the iPhone. But there, also, after that realization, I will still drift to sleep in my burlap bag next the ash and bark dreaming of how good it was and how fun it was to conference call with Tim and Gavin before I zoned out to my favorite Yaz song all together on my one beautiful little iPhone. That was when it was fun.