Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Guess These Are The Best

The top ten most viewed pages on Short Schrift, ever:

  1. "Love and Theft" (Oct 2007)
  2. "Ode to Man" (May 2007)
  3. "A Randomly Beautiful Sentence" (Nov 2006)
  4. "The Narrowing of Politics" (Apr 2008)
  5. "The iPod Moment; A Snarkmarket Dialogue" (Dec 2007)
  6. "Mix CD #1: The Book I Read" (May 2006)
  7. "The Mysterious Production of Eggs" (May 2005)
  8. "Why's He Spell Schrift That Way?" (Aug 2004)
  9. "Remarkable Things With A Pen" (Dec 2007)
  10. "Put Some On The Handle, Redux" (Apr 2006)
The lessons? First, get linked to by much bigger blogs. (In my case, Snarkmarket, Kottke, and Silliman have probably been the most important.) Second, write on unusual things that people are likely to Google, like Sophocles or shaving. The phrase "beautiful sentence" is astonishingly popular. Third, write more about music.

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