Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Who's Slandering Who?

From a Politico story on Pennsylvania's political makeup:

Twenty-two years ago, as a Democratic strategist working on a gubernatorial race, Carville described the state as Paoli (a suburb of Philadelphia) and Penn Hills (a suburb of Pittsburgh) with Alabama in between.

A generation of Pennsylvania political analysts has been trying to reverse the perception ever since. Bloggers have joined the quiet revolt. So, too, have newspaper columnists.

“People think it meant that basically there are two areas of the state where people can read and write and treat people with a certain amount of respect and the rest of the state is redneck trailer trash,” said Larry Ceisler, a Philadelphia public affairs consultant with ties to the Democratic Party. “It ended up being a slander on people who are living in those places. I would like to see the line retired.”

Funny -- I have a feeling that the southerner Carville probably didn't mean to equate "Alabama" with illiterate "redneck trailer trash." How wonderful it is that Pennsylvanians seem to think that.

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