Monday, October 06, 2008

I Got Flarf On Me!

That hoax poetry anthology Ron Silliman wrote about yesterday? I'm in it. So are a bunch of my friends, including AVG. And her poem's still better than mine.

If I had planned this hoax, I would have allowed authors to swap the crappy fake poems for their own work, turning a fake anthology into a real one.

I also would have made no distinction between writers who availed themselves of the right to swap and those who didn't, making it impossible to tell the real poems from the fake.


Gavin said...

So what's worse, being co-opted for a hoax anthology or, uhm, not being co-opted for a hoax anthology?

Tim said...

Relax there, Susie Creamcheese. You're not in it because you're not on Silliman's blogroll. Nowhere else in my official writing life am I referred to by the short version of my first name.