Thursday, June 19, 2008

Depths Where Sun Never Shone

A lovely and strange animated video (courtesy of Lisa Barcy) for Andrew Bird's strange and lovely Daytrotter reworking of the lovely and strange Weather Systems masterpiece "Lull." There may be nobody in contemporary music I love and appreciate (strangely) more.

Via Pitchfork TV.

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Dan said...

That's brilliant!

The most affecting part may be the decision to return to a 1950s aesthetic of corporate anomie in a depiction of a song of 90s twenty-something angst. It's almost as if the fate of the organization man replays itself two generations later--as if the story hasn't changed much, even if the protagonists are no longer aging white men in grey suits and Maine summer homes.

Thanks for posting this video. I owe Short Schrift for introducing me to Andrew Bird many years ago. For some reason I can't place, Bird became the soundtrack to most of my academic writing.