Monday, June 30, 2008

The Jazz Age Internet

No, not the telegraph (aka "the Victorian internet") or even the telephone. Instead, Virginia Heffernan reports on a message board for moms that takes it there:

* DH ["Dear Husband"] is a mobster. Will this hurt DC’s ability to get into preschool?
o no, all the school administration have ties

* Doctor told me I should take up smoking to help with my cough. Should I switch MDs?
o why would you switch? sounds reasonable to me
o No, a cigarette a day, keeps the Dr. away. DUH!
o I love a cigarette after a brisk walk in my high heels up a small hill

* Cole Porter is SUCH an invert!
o You know there IS a Mrs Cole Porter. What do you make of THAT, Smarty-cat?

* Have you seen Marlene Dietrich in the new Photoplay? Can you say mannish? Ew.
o ita, Man Ray is so into her. So is dh. Does that mean dh is a homosexual?
+ My DH is swoony for Louise. I can’t decide whether that makes him more or less of an invert.
# I think both of our dh’s might be inverts

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