Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Can't A Union Man Edit That Copy?

From Foreign Policy/FP Passport, "More Journalism Outsourced to India Than You Think":

A few weeks back, one of our editors blogged about a California newspaper outsourcing basic newspaper work like copy-editing and layout to India. The paper had enlisted Mindworks Global Media, an India-based company that helps Newspaper publishers cut costs and increase efficiency.

Lest you think the Orange County Register is the only American newspaper now being partly designed, edited, and produced in India, think again. The firm already boasts eight overseas clients, including the Miami Herald, and expects more business as Western print media publishers and editors continue to cut costs, Businessweek reports.

The firm "claims it helps publications cut costs 35% to 40%," which is certainly a temptation in today's rough media market, where ad revenues and readership for print media are declining rapidly. Mindworks' CEO Tony Joseph even lives in New York to be closer to his clients, even as their work is being shipped halfway across the world to his home country of India. That's globalization at work, my friends.

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