Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Medieval

Snap! J.J. Cohen, "Why Stanley Fish would not cut it as a medievalist."

Fish: Strategic fatigue sets in whenever I enter a museum (when I saw that the display case containing the Book of Kells was surrounded by other tourists I didn’t have the strength to push myself forward) or when I approach an ancient site (at Clonmacnoise, the location of an ancient abbey, I retreated immediately to the coffee shop and never saw the ruin) or when the possibility of getting out of the car to enjoy a scenic view presented itself (I protested that it would take too much time, or that we needed gas, or something equally feeble).

Cohen: Its funny, for me strategic fatigue sets in when I read this regular column by Stanley Fish. I did make it to the "What’s wrong with me?" paragraph (#7!) before I gave up, though. It's not like I stepped out of queue to see the Book of Kells or anything ...
So say we all, Prof Cohen. So say we all.

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