Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plug Plug Plug Plug Plug

This is probably a ripe time to mention that I've started a new group blog, Counterfictionals, devoted to theories about and reimaginings of popular fiction and films.

Fictions already run counter to fact. Counterfactuals, in logic, philosophy, or history, imagine an alternative possible world, to test a theory, to prove an argument about contingency and necessity, or merely to explore the question, "What if?," like the Marvel comic book title.

The same approach can be taken to fiction, to imagine a book or a story where proper names still single out the same individuals but everything else is different. A book other than the book, a fictional fiction other than the fact of fiction. Fiction has its theories to be tested and other worlds to be explored.

So with counterfiction we ask "what if?" to our favorite stories, books, comics, and films, for fun and (non) profit. Some of our counterfictions we will write ourselves, and other entries will discuss counterfictions found in the wild. The point is to try to open up just a little more imaginative space in works of the imagination, and to make fiction live in fiction a little more brightly.
So far, it's a lot of stuff on superheroes and Star Wars, but my alternate ending for The Odyssey will make your head spin. So much better than Dante's.

Also, if you never downloaded and read my poetry chapbook The Bridge and The River, it's still available (for free! free! free!) from the awesome-if-infrequent Revelator Press.

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