Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh, If Only

Finally, a show my friends and I can get behind:

1) I love Dr. K's frosted hair.

2) To be both pedantic and perjorative, it's pronounced "Vittgenshtein."

3) Marvelous ref to "cryptozoology"; likewise, "The Peeb," "Girls Gone Wilde," and "Gettin' Head!: History's Most Famous Decapitations."

4) Nobody calls it "argumentum ad hominem"; it's always just "ad hominem." You've gotta be up on the hip kids' abbreviations, 'Lexies! (e.g., Lexy = Sexy intellectual; Lexy-Nexy = The new, super-sexy intellectual.)

5) I can't tell whether they're using "penultimate" correctly or incorrectly, or if they know. (Penultimate = second to last.) Funnier if you suppose it's used correctly.

6) The other references are relatively trendy and smart-sounding, but Hume? That's just cool.

Wow, I have crossed over into some strange geeky universe that I now call my life.

Via Kottke.

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