Friday, August 29, 2008

The Way Forward

Okay, here's how you continue to hit McCain with Palin on the ticket.

As of the end of July, Alaska has 6.8% unemployment, tied for 46th in the nation: only California, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Michigan have a higher unemployment rate. Its per capita income is 29,600 per year, 40th in the nation.

So John McCain has already said that he doesn't understand economics; he can't remember how many houses he owns; and he wants to continue the Bush tax and economic plan, even though he could see in 2001 and 2002 that the tax and budget plans were reckless.

And as his Vice President, he's chosen someone with only two years of executive experience in a state with a tiny population whose only industries are oil, tourism, fishing, timber, mining, and agriculture, a state with no sales or income tax revenue -- they've benefitted greatly by adding a windfall oil profits tax -- with one of the worst rates of employment and per-capita income in the country.

These are the people you would trust to lead the U.S. economy into the 21st-century?


Steve said...

1) Promise Hillary ANY position she wants in the administration (UN Ambassador; Sec'y of State; Sec'y of Defense - she'll want that on her resume in 2016; Attorney General), and break tradition by announcing it a few weeks before the election.
2) Annoint Hillary as the surrogate attack dog against Palin via a circuit of speeches focusing on McCain's record and Palin's non-record in places like: Macomb County, MI; Youngstown and Akron OH; Philly burbs; non-DC Virginia; and rural Missouri. Focus her speeches on the middle-class economy and let her (and only her) discuss to her Pantsuit Sisterhood crowds what new Supreme Court justices could do to Roe v. Wade.
3) Don't plan Hillary's speeches as joint appearances with Obama but keep them in the same TV market to double the effect on the local evening news.
4) NEVER let tough-guy Biden beat-up on Palin (continue to focus Biden's attacks on his friend, John). And only let Obama say reverential things about her accomplishment.

In conclusion, let Obama be Obama. Let Biden worry about McCain and let Hillary worry about Palin.

Tim said...

I like the logic there -- why play 2-on-2 when you can play 3-on-2?

But what would Hillary want?

Steve said...

She'd probably want to be set up as the heir-apparent in 2016 (rather than Biden) - or perhaps she'd be content with a promise of a seat next to Antonin Scalia until the day she dies.

Tim said...

Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old in 2016; Joe Biden will be 73. I don't think either of them will be heirs of anything. If Obama loses in the fall, Clinton or Biden could run in 2012.

Senate Majority Leader is a much more likely/appealing position for Clinton, if Harry Reid (who turns 69 himself this year) and the rest of the Democratic leadership will play ball.