Sunday, January 20, 2008

Editing in Action

NetNewsWire, my newly free and historically awesome RSS reader, has a feature that allows you to track changes in a story's feed. In other words, if one feedlet is replaced by another with the same title, instead of displacing the older version, it makes a hybrid that shows the changes between the two. Here's an example below, from The New York Times.

As negotiations begin The big fight on an economic stimulus package, the big fight will be over whether to put extra more money in the hands of low-income families who paid little or no income tax last year.

Here's another one, from Snarkmarket's Comments feed. Since comments on the same thread have the same title, it jumbles them up all the time. This creates either word art or annoying confusion, I can't quite decide which.

Posted by: Peter Patrick on January 18, 2008 at 02:13 PM06:44 AM

I can't believe a posting on the Dream: The Story most recent Newberry Award winner, making reference to Mrs. Breslin's librarianship, without so much as an update on the status of Christopher Columbus like? Hard to imagine that being simultaneously factual and good. And of course hard factual basis is my main criterion for children's lit.

For the Caldecott Award.


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