Monday, January 14, 2008

Rambling Speculation about Macworld

Okay, wild guess stuff. My dream of dreams would be for a 8.5 by 5.5 iBook, a touchscreen subnotebook running a similar version of OS X to the iPhone that would work as a general document viewer and light editor -- email, video, audio, books, web, RSS, etc. You would be able to buy or subscribe to books, movies, music, podcasts, feeds, all wirelessly. It would sync with your PC like an iPod/iPhone, but it would also be usable as an ultraportable standalone device.

Since this is what I want, I will assume that it will be so. (This seems to be everyone else's working method.)

So what's this "something in the Air" business? Okay, this is what I think. The portable iBook will have a dock, just like the other Apple portables. But this dock will be different. For one thing, it'll be huge, about as big as an AirPort Extreme Base Station.


What if the new iBook's dock were also an Airport station -- with an ethernet in and out, USB and Firewire ports to connect to an external drive, another Mac, a keyboard, a printer, or a larger display? The goal, eventually, would be to phase out all wired connections in favor of wireless ones; so you have an AirPort hub where next to nothing actually "plugs in."

Essentially, then, you have a fully portable Mac that can, in turn, function as a full-featured, stand alone machine, without the need for an additional computer.

I can't imagine calling anything else an "AirBook" or "MacBook Air."

Just a thought. If I'm right, anyone who wants to can buy me drinks.

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