Saturday, January 26, 2008

Enough Said


Obama gets more white support than expected.

Over the past week, whatever limited support Barack Obama had in the white community started to slip away, according to a new poll from McCaltchy/MSNBC (PDF). The latest survey released yesterday reports that 10 percent of white respondents favored Obama. A week ago, that number was 20 percent. It seems Obama's gets more white support has drifted to John Edwards, who is challenging Hillary Clinton for second in several of the most recent polls. More white voters now support Edwards than Clinton, but he barely registers within the black community.expected.

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The edits on the NYT article have also been interesting:
Obama Wins South Carolina Primary

Senator Barack Obama won Obama’s commanding victory over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton sets the stage for a lopsided victory, drawing widespread support from a high turnout of black voters.state-by-state fight.

The first version of this story read like a romantic victory announcement for Obama; the second seemed to discount Obama's win by pointing to the predominantly black support; this version highlights the fairly large white support Obama received.

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