Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lose All Sense of Time

File under "Wow. Just. Wow." There's a bar/restaurant in London's Covent Garden section called "Detroit Bar."

a 'style bar' in london before the word 'style' had even been invented, detroit has always mixed the best cocktails, in the most relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere. without pretention we invite you to detroit bar and restaurant to enjoy our venue. hidden away in the most attractive part of covent garden (the seven dials) detroit incorporates a unique conceptual design with intimate, cosy alcoves where it is possible to lose all sense of time. no attitude. no pretention. just detroit.

("before the word 'style' had even been invented"?)

Also, Detroit is often without pretension -- excuse me, pretention -- but rarely without attitude.

Note: for the original "Detroit Bar," see here. Or here. Or here.

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PoN said...

There is a dive bar on the Lower East Side called "Motor City Bar" and it is a shithole. I once saw a coked-out patron strip down to her skivvies and dance in the window. The beer is cheap. Just sayin'.